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£5,264.00£6,982.00 plus VAT

Vitro S3 Bean to cup

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Neo +

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Neo +

£7,596.00£8,651.00 plus VAT

Full digital coffee experience, bringing you the best of the coffee shop and coffee to go experience

Neo+ is a fully interactive hot beverage system, allowing full customisation, consumer interaction including language choice and allergen information. Available with twin digital media screens and a full range of payment integration options.




Brings you the best of the coffee shop and Coffee to go experience.

The interactive and intuitive touch screen has been developed with the Neo+ user in mind; consumers (end users) and operators.

Neo screen provides in all cases an attractive, coherent and frictionless human-machine interaction for an outstanding experience and easy operation.

User Experience

The screen is designed to maximise the coffee experience, guiding the user through a visual and self-explanatory interface, whilst providing the means necessary to promote to and captivate the consumer.

There is also a Second 21,5” inch Multimedia Screen option that can help engage with the user and to provide different information.

Prestige-Coffee culture

Its innovative, sleek and perfectly proportioned design provides a stunning look and feel that will enhance any environment.

The graphics and illumination will engage the user as well as guiding them to the ultimate intelligent beverage experience.

Modern Features

The machine is adapted to the modern lyfestile needs by
providing different Coffee Shop drink customisation and a
myriad of payment options as card & mobile payments.

It also features an Own Cup feature which allows the use of one’s cup as an alternative to use a disposable cup, which helps preserve the environment.


Our solutions are manufactured according to the eco-friendly and social responsibility principles, we improve organizations sustainability results by effectively reducing the amounts of waste currently produced by hot and cold* beverage consumption

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Neo +

Fresh Brew Tea, Espresso and Fresh Brew Tea


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